Andile Mpisane

Andile Mpisane made many envious when he posted a video showcasing his excellent life problem on the gram. Mzansi knows he has an excessive fleet of cars, but he usually shares them. He posted a video of himself next to three of his cars; his only dilemma was that he didn’t know which one to drive. In the video, he couldn’t choose between his car that bumps, his RR vehicle and his Mercedes GT.

His final choice was the Mercedes GT, and after sitting on the driver’s seat, he casually said, “Soft life.”

Mzansi reacted to the soft life video

Jobe London, DJ Maphorisa, DJ Bongz and Shaun Stylist commented on the video and emphasized that he is living large. His fans congratulated him on the things he had as per usual. Some people, however, shared the sentiment that filthy rich people don’t flaunt on the socials like Andile. Someone even suggested he might be trying to fill a void with all these material things.

Konka send-off

As most of us know, Andile will be one of the opening acts for the Legendz of the Streetz tour. He’ll perform at KONKA Soweto as a warm-up before jetting off to America. Fans are widely anticipating his showcase.

Legendary Kwaito artist Mdu Masilela

On Andile’s new song, he sampled a beat from the legendary Mdu Masilela. Mdu Masile is a retired musician, but his passion for the genre still runs deep. He’s expressed that he loves that new school artists sample his tracks but prefers them to follow the proper channels.

Ubala lyrics

In the song Ubala, he sings about being in his cars chilling, living lavish, having the freedom of time and only leaving his house at 2 p.m as he doesn’t have a boss. He also talks about having to play soccer then jumping to the boardroom. Andile enjoys the wealth his mother built for him, and he’s not shy about it.

Watch Andile Mpisane showing off his cars below: