Malinga from Generations The Legacy and Nyawo on Uzalo

Ever wondered how much your favourite actors earn for keeping you entertained? We take a journey and look at how much different productions pay for almost the same role.

Most Mzansi soapie storylines are closely related, making comparisons and ground level.

Detectives in Soapies – These characters are often more severe and less prevalent in the cast due to their nature of work across different soap operas. Often focused and fierce in their duties, few exceptions can be comic and compromised.

Who earns more Detective Dali Malinga from Generations The Legacy and Nyawo on Uzalo?

Andile Nebulane plays the role of Detective Daluxolo “Pele” Malinga; he joined the Generations cast as an undercover cop whose plan was to unearth Jack Mabaso criminal dealings. Determined to bring criminals behind bars, failure to balance between work and personal life saw him lose Tina, his first love.

He is currently in a relationship with an Executive Business Manager, Ayanda Majola (role played by Samela Tyelbooi), who earns more than he does, and it doesn’t sit well with him. Stepfather to a teenage girl – Nontle (Buntu Petse), is a lot to deal with for Detective Dali Malinga, policing a teenager, and his younger brother Lelethu Malinga keeps Pele on his tours.

Despite being unpopular with Generations fans due to his obsession with solving criminal cases, scriptwriters have ever since expanded his storyline to include a lot of personal life. For his role in Generations The Legacy, Detective Malinga earns R75 000.

Malinga’s complete opposite character Detective Nyawo on Uzalo, is played by Cebo Mthembu. On Uzalo, detective Nyawo is a crooked and compromised police officer who sells his services to the highest bidder. Leaking investigating information and disappearance of police files is his speciality; the comic policeman famous for throwing complicated English jargon is fans favourite on Uzalo.

Though he has a corrupted mind, Detective Nyawo is smart and recently won the R50 000 prize money from the KwaMashu Talent show. After winning in KwaMashu, Nyawo received an invite to the South African National Spelling Bee competition.

Cebo Mthembu, an Engineer at Eskom by profession, earns R31 000 for his Detective Nyawo role on Uzalo.