Skeem Saam

Previously on Skeem Saam – Tuesday 4 January 2022

Evidence keeps piling up on Lehasa from behind bars. Things are not looking good for him at all, and Peterson is on cloud nine.

Alfred was counting on Sonti to come and help at the kiosk after the phases Alfios out. It looks like all those plans have been destroyed. Sonti is not interested. He might have to continue with Alfios whether he likes it or not.

Melita received news that made her very happy; her life might be changing for the better.

Coming up next on Skeem Saam – Wednesday 5 January 2022

Khwezi feels pressured to take care of necessary formalities about Lehasa’s unborn baby. Should we tell her? No, let’s leave her to find out by herself. Khwezi is starting to worry me, though. She attacks, she is rude, she makes misinformed decisions…I mean, she is not what I thought she was.

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Alfred’s plans have fallen flat as Sonti denies helping out. Magongwa’s business is in trouble and he is becoming desperate to save it. The law is slowly crawling in, and he is running out of ideas. Sonti denying to help reads like a disaster to him.

Zamokuhle finds himself in an awkward situation when he catches two people looking flirtatious and it’s people who don’t seem like they would be caught in that situation.

Let’s wait for 18h30 on SABC1.


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