Skeem Saam
Skeem Saam

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Detective Peterson came across a discovery that made Lehasa quirk in his boots as Lehasa’s world seemed to be shrinking all around him.

Nimza blunders at campus whilst in the process of handing over a payment to Alfios’. Charles continues to make desperate decisions to save his shop.

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Chef Kgosi’s problems grow dramatically.

Chef Kgosi’s children land at Cafe Rovuwa unexpectedly, and this causes Kgosi’s already troubled world to spiral more out of control. Kgosi has been the manager at Cafe Rovuwa after the passing of Maseromole, that is Fanie ok. He is also Lehasas sidekick.

Times have been hard for him as we can see that he is without a home at this point and is sleeping on Francois’ couch, so the arrival of his children is a disaster for him, to put it mildly.

Alfio’s loses his money.

Alfios has been lowkey working for the Magongwas at the University Cafe. Things seem to be coming undone bit by bit with that. Nimza came to pay him yesterday, and he encountered a situation that made him mess up big. Now Alfios’s money has disappeared. I wonder what exactly is going on there.

Lehasa is travelling, or he is running.

Lehasa feels caved in as his troubles keep digging a deeper hole for him. He has started another new romantic relationship with Khwezi now after Nothile, and it looks like it’s going steady. The truth is we are still not sure if his relationship with Nothile has ended. It seems he has already made some decisions, though.

Anyways, Lehasa manages to convince Khwezi to go to Lesotho with him. Why is Lehasa going to Lesotho? Could he be running away from the growing and massive possibility of going to jail? Why? Also, what is the deal with Khwezi? Is she in love? She knows there is still a NothiIe who might make a comeback. She overheard Lehasa talking about her with his uncle. So what is her story?

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