Skeem Saam Episode,
Skeem Saam Episode,

Previously on Skeem Saam: The walls shrank on Lehasa on Friday.

Peterson managed to find some severe evidence against Maphosa or Banda. All the King’s horsemen and all the money in the world couldn’t save Lehasa now.

This happened at a remembrance party for Fanie that was mixed with a New Years Eve party at Cafe Rovuwa. John says something to Melita about the tender, and it has her thinking.

Magongwas new years eve party is a success, and Charles shakes hands with Magongwa.

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On the following Skeem Saam Episode, Monday 3 January 2022, Episode 131

The gates of hell have officially opened to welcome Lehasa

Sergeant Peterson has come to put those handcuffs on Lehasa, and he is not going anywhere without him. It’s been a long coming. At this point, it seems like Fanie himself is fighting from his grave. Oh wait, he is, I guess. Anyone’s guess will happen next, but knowing Lehasa, all hell will break loose before he accepts defeat.

Khwezi has gone offline at the restaurant.

I would also be stressed, wouldn’t you? Khwezi is probably feeling the heat the most from this situation with Lehasa. I mean, she has just found love with a handsome, wealthy businessman. Now she has lost all of that. So she turns destructive on some staffers there—poor girl.

Alfios is facing replacement, and he doesn’t like it.

Magongwa is mad at what happened over the holidays with Alfios freezing the accounts and not listening to instructions that he is serving the ultimate punishment. He wants to replace Alfios after his contract expires. Now, if this happens, Alfios would be jobless and might have to go back to Charles. We all agree that this would be a disaster. Alfios didn’t leave Charles in a good way. It’s not that Charles has a lot of choices when it comes to people who help him in the spaza shop. So even if he doesn’t like it, if Alfios comes begging, chances are Charles will take him back.

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