Skeem Saam

Next on on Monday 28 February 2022

Does John realise he might have gone too far with Melita? He has crossed some lines with that situation.

If you missed it, let’s reminisce on what went down in the previous episode.

John and Melita take their relationship to the next level. Remember Mapitsi walked in on him getting a neck massage from Melita. John is a strange man. He gets cosy with Melita in Meiki’s house? Melita trips on something and falls into John’s arms, and we feel it immediately, the chemistry, the attraction.

Magongwa walks in on John on the verge of man-handling Mapitsi to go against his wishes and get a date for Meiki’s appeal.

The Magongwa family cannot meet Alfios’ money demands. He is asking them to settle the department to his car, pay for other small debts that he accumulated, and more.
He is making them pay for their sins, and he is hitting their pockets the most. The Magongwas are barely making ends meet, ever since they got locked out of important accounts.

Eunice’s luck turns around, and she receives employment news. She got employed at Turf hospital as a junior Physiotherapist. She got this news after she received the information she was shortlisted for another interview in Durban. Eunice turned up wearing heels and dressed up to the nines, and wait, did Mr Kgomo get a little distracted?

Let’s find out what is coming up on Monday’s episode.

Melita is grateful when she gets some life changing good news.
Melita is grateful when she gets some life-changing good news. Image Credit Twitter

John Maputla is way in over his head, and he is aware. Maybe he is getting cold feet about the Melita situation. Especially now that Meiki could be coming home.

Koloi likes Eunice; who would have thought? Eunice and Koloi? Does he stand a chance there?

The Magongwas employ complex methods to appease Alfios, but those methods seem not to be working. All the things they have done seem to be coming back to their doorstep. Alfios is making up the rules as he goes, which is very disturbing to Alfred and Celia, who are already very disturbed. Alfios doesn’t play with them. He has put them in the enemy zone.

Eunice comes to realisations that make her see things differently about her employment. It’s not going to be as easy as she thought.

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