Last Episode on Skeem Saam: Friday 7 January 2022

We ended Friday’s Episode of Skeem Saam with Khwezi trying to solve Lehas’s problems and entangling herself in the Abalone syndicate that ended up blowing up at Cafe Rovuwa and getting Fanie shot. It looks like Khwezikazi doesn’t know her limits. She might end up sinking into a deep hole.Lehasa is also in trouble with the same guys, and they want to take him out.

Peterson is also concerned for his safety. Everything is coming back to haunt him. To think that Fanie is the one who started the Abalone drama, though.

Dennis has grown very weary of Alfios. Dennis agreed to help Alfie, and when he pressed Alfios to fill in the forms, Alfios hesitated and raised Dennises suspicions, and Alfios needed Dennises to help very much.

Koloi proved that he knew the culprit that had the Welcome sign vandalized.

Skeem Saam: Monday 10 January 2022

Let’s go to Turfloop and find out what they are up to.

Khwezi makes a shocking discovery when she lays her eyes on Pretty for the first time. Khwezi is in over her head, and her trying to save Lehasa mission is proving somewhat impossible. She is about to drown in all this drama if she is not careful.l wonder what she will do because we all know that Pretty is not pregnant anymore.

That’s the discovery.Khwezi has proven to be a little unhinged, and I suppose she is Lehasas type in that way because remember, Lelo? He knows how to pick them. Hopefully, he will agree to bail and come out to sort out these problems.

Dennis is no longer interested in working with Alfios and lets him know of that fact. Alfios must be devastated. Pax seems to be in a lot of trouble, and everything comes tumbling down on him

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