Funani Zwide and Onalerona

House of Zwide was announced as an intriguing show that displayed the in-depth side of the local fashion industry. Of course, there had to be a deep dark secret and drama to draw in more viewers. We learned the intern Onalerona is Funani Zwide’s long lost daughter.

Funani Zidwe is played by legendary actor Vusi Kunene.

When Ona was still an infant, a fight broke out between Faith Zwide ( Funani’s current wife ) and Onalerona’s mother. Funani and Faith’s affair caused the fight. Faith pushed Ona’s mom as the two women fought, and she died instantly. It was an accident, and then Faith called Isaac to help her.

Issac lifted the dead woman’s body and put it on the bed; he sprayed the home with an air freshener and set it alight. As the house was burning, he saw Ona and fell in love with her; he took her in as his child, and the Zwide family assumed she died with her mother in the fire.

Ona’s talent

It’s been clear from day one that Ona is a fashion designer by nature, and she rebelled against her father for her fashion dream so many times. Mr Zwide told Ona’s stepmother Rea that out of all the interns in House of Zwide, Ona was leading creativity wise.

Onalerona from House of Zwide. Image Credit: Instagram


Funani has boundless kindness; when Ona chooses to get another designer fired because of previous sabotage, she does not.

Vusi Kunene. Image Credit; SABC

Lazarus compared Funani and Ona

When Lazarus ( Funani’s second in command ) said Ona reminded him of Funani, Mr Zwide said they’re not the same; she’s better. It wasn’t the first time he compared the father and daughter.

The truth about Onalerona’s paternity almost came out when Funani’s mother could feel in her blood that Ona was a Zwide. Still, she collapsed before telling her family the truth, and Faith refused to help her conceal her secret even more. Funani’s son Nkosi keeps getting flashbacks from the night of the fire, but the sounds in the background are inaudible. Perhaps the truth will come out one day.