Shauwn Mkhize

Reality Television star/businesswoman  made headlines when Phil Mpela revealed that she was supposed to appear in Umkhokha, but the deal fell through.

Mzansi met this news with mixed reactions as some were all for Shauwn becoming an actress, and others were enraged, saying she was taking bread from struggling artists’ mouths. However,  reveals the real reason why she did not appear on the show.

The Royal AM president addressed the rumours while speaking with TimesLive. The business tycoon said that it was confirmed that she was set to appear on the hit Mzansi Magic TV show. However, she is the one who made the decision not to appear on the show because of conflicting schedules. She came clean that she was overwhelmed with the purchase of her football club the time she was supposed to appear on the faith-based show.

How got a role on Umkhokha

The media personality is known to be good friends with the executive producer Mandla Kheswa who has taken photos on several occasions. Mandla also posted a picture with the businesswoman and called her his sister as they both come from Lamontville. MaMkhize went on to tell the publication that she could not go further into details but asked them to watch the space because anything is possible with her. This may mean that the businesswoman has plans of being an actress at some point.

The business tycoon and family woman may not be actively looking for an acting role, but she sure is open to the idea. Shauwn, who is not a stranger to being on-screen, showed her talent with her reality show, KwaMamkhize.

Over the years, she has demonstrated that she does not mind overspending for anything she wants. She purchased an entire football club so her son could play soccer at one point.