Thabo Malema

Scandal Fans are Tired of Thabo Malema aka Bohang and They Want Him Out

It seems that  is doing such a great job of portraying the character of Bohang on soapie that fans of the show are threatening to prohibit it until he exits.

Malema‘s portrayal of the annoying, abusive and manipulative policeman is so on point that he is getting under people’s skins almost every single day.

Many fans of the popular soapie have taken to social media to complain and vent out about how Bohang, makes them so angry before bedtime that they have decided to stop watching Scandal for their mental wellbeing.

Thabo Malema

Some also described Bohang as being irritating and annoying and begged producers not to drag out his storyline because it is making them abandon the show.

However, other people pointed out that the fact that Bohang is making people so angry just shows that the producers got their casting spot on and that is a great actor. They also highlighted that every show needs a good enemy to keep things moving.





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