Manaka Ranaka

SAD! Generations Actress Manaka Ranaka opens up on struggling to run her farming business.

Generations The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka who plays the character of Lucy Diale on the SABC 1 soap opera, has opened up on struggles to get her farming business running. Having announced the desire to venture into horticulture farming on their Mzansi Magic family reality show The Ranakas, Manaka confesses struggling to kick start the project.

During a question and answer session on Instagram, Manaka Ranaka was asked by a fan how her farming was thriving; she shocked Mzansi after revealing that she hadn’t started the project yet.

“I haven’t started. Do you know how difficult it is for a single parent to try and buy land? Now I am stuck here trying to save the money and secure the land, but one day I will overcome.”

Despite struggling to raise money to kick start her farming project, the actress remains optimistic about one day owning a farmhouse.

During the same question and answer session, Manaka opened up on the struggle to get pregnant with the third child. After ten years of trying with multiple partners, she gave birth to her third and only son.

“I struggled to get pregnant with many partners and finally did. It’s also about getting the right partner like later did,” said a giggling Manaka.

On playing Lucy Diale in Generations The Legacy

Manaka boasts a rich experience in acting, a career she started at eight years of age while she was in Grade two. Though Lucy Diale on Generations isn’t the most extended onscreen character she portrayed, she revealed that it’s the most crucial role and has opened doors for her career. However, she doesn’t share many similarities with her onscreen character.

“When people meet me, especially in shopping malls, they expect the Lucy Diale character and attitude, which is a lot to handle, but I try my best. Lucy and Manaka have a few similarities but.