Rich Makoti ,Paballo Kgware
Rich Makoti ,Paballo Kgware

Many know her as the TikTok user who went viral after posting videos imitating a rich daughter-in-law. It’s been a year since we started learning about her, and it seems like her big break is here. TikTok sensation Paballo Kgware debuts acting career in Uzalo.

Last night saw Paballo Kgware appearing in the SABC drama series, Uzalo. Fans of the skit queen were excited about seeing her on TV for the first time. In the series, she was walking out of where Gabisile was registering potential contestants for their talent show. Gabisile then called out to the rich makoti and offered her a job on the judges’ panel of their competition. Paballo accepted and even gave her an idea for a third judge for their panel. She goes on to say she had been hoping to compete but took the job.

Paballo Kgware comes from Thaba Nchu in the Free State. The rising actress was born in 1999; she relocated to Durban in 2004. Paballo graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in live Performances in 2020. She also recently completed her honours in producing at AFDA. She is part of the KwaZulu-Natal youth choir.

How Paballo Kgware debuts her acting career

Paballo Says that her career started as a result of boredom. She was bored and was watching reels when an idea for her first reel came to her. The reel went viral, and then she started doing videos and posting on a regular. The TikTok platform is for her to have fun while she waits for actual Television jobs. She is already a nominee for two awards for this year.

The most significant indicator that her video was popular was when celebrities like Nandi Madida and Terry Pheto started sharing her content on their stories. Since then, she started getting as many views as 20 000 on a video, and now she is famous with over 180 000 followers on Instagram.