Black Coffee MacG
Black Coffee MacG

The Podcast And Chill is a unique show built from the ground up. It’s one of the few shows where celebrities freely share their details unfiltered. Many, of course, are scared of this as their genuine character flaws could tarnish the images they portray to their fans.

Black Coffee will not appear on MacG’s Podcast and Chill

An industry friend of AKA told MacG the rapper is scared of making an appearance on the show. The presenters were stunned at the revelation. Another celebrity that will not make an appearance on MacG’s podcast is the legendary DJ Black Coffee. According to MacG, he used to be friends with the DJ, tried to interview him but failed on numerous occasions. 

Black Coffee has nothing against the show, MacG and his co-host Sol Phenduka, but the amount of success he has could be preventing him from being a guest.  They also believe he will not come as he portrays a different lifestyle from the one he actually affords. MacG also says Black Coffee doesn’t want to be asked difficult questions about himself.

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Sol believes international DJ would come after the show has more traction and probably 500 000 subscribers.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest told the public he wouldn’t attend the show because he wants to maintain a clean image. Outside of his industry public spats, the rapper is never in the news about drama. He doesn’t want to cause harm to his brand.

Another rapper who’s most likely not to be a guest on the show is Emtee, the roll-up singer who was once a guest on the show but recently tweeted about the unfairness of MacG not paying his guests for appearances when he’s making money from the show. The other stars who will never attend the show include Nomuzi Moozlie Mabhena and Dj Euphonik.

Celebs who got into trouble after MacG’s Podcast and Chill interviews

MacG has a way of making people so comfortable that they spill the beans on everything, and this has landed a few of our stars into some serious hot water. Jub Jub went to be a guest on the show and used the word ‘ smashed ‘ to describe his former relations with his ex-girlfriend, Amanda du-Pont. This led to Amanda publicly accusing Jub Jub of abuse, and other women came forward to share similar ordeals.

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Teko Modise also spoke about his ex falsely accusing him of domestic violence in the past, and the ex immediately sent him a letter of demand. Natasha Tahane also landed herself in hot water when she was a guest on the show. Her words implicated her as a beneficiary of the ruling party’s corruption seeing how quickly she got educational funding as ANC’s veteran Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s granddaughter.


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