Prince Kaybee

It’s a cat and mouse relationship, and they’re back on their social media fighting. As we all know, Cassper Nyovest is currently hard at work for his upcoming match on the 9th of April with Naak Music. Prince Kaybee trolled one of his recent exercise videos, and Cassper fired back the shots.

The video Cassper got trolled on by Prince Kaybee.

In the video, Cassper was outdoors in the blazing sun, jogging with him were his two trainers, Athi Dumezweni and Nothole Sequence Sikho. Mufasa said he was running in 30°C heat wearing tights and a sweater. Babalwa Mneno commented and said she’ll join him when she’s back in the country. Thuli Phongolo commented on how hard it is to jog. Fans commanded Cassper on his training and general grinding.

Prince Kaybee’s troll towards the rapper

Many people saw Mufasa training but not our DJ. Prince Kaybee decided to focus on the rapper’s pants and asked where the tool was. When Cassper was wearing his trainer tights, there wasn’t a man’s tool print.

Mzansi’s reaction

Some people laughed and started making jokes about Cassper not having a tool. Some called him out of line as; there is a significant body positivity movement in Mzansi that’s against body shaming.

Cassper’s response to Prince Kaybee

Cassper did not take the hit lying down. He said, “Prince Kaybee kesi F*be,” meaning Prince Kaybee is a b*ch. Cassper also supported his statement by asking why the DJ is looking at other men’s private parts. He also said the Gugulethu hitmaker wouldn’t fight him because he’s a b*ch. Cassper advised the DJ to grow a pair and face him in the ring, and he also told him that the day he’s ready, he’ll be prepared for him.

Cassper and Prince Kaybee have been on each other’s throats for years now; the best way they can settle this is with a boxing match. Quite frankly, the Dj does not seem interested in a game with Cassper meaning, we’re still going to see them quarrel online.

Watch jogging below: