Thuli Phongolo

It looks like Thuli Phongolo, also known as Dj Thuli P, spent a night with the Scorpion King DJ Maphorisa. Both DJs shared Instagram stories in the same room in their Instagram stories but not with each other.

South African self-proclaimed private investigators shared the similarities they noticed in the rooms. First off, it was the black leather headboard. The second telltale sign was the beige mat on the floor with white stripes.

Another similarity was the glass Thuli Phongolo was holding in her Instagram story. It was from the glass set that was behind DJ Maphorisa. Their followers believe the two lovebirds were in the same hotel room.

After fans noticed and highlighted the similarities between the two rooms, Thuli P suddenly deleted the picture in question from her Instagram story.

Thuli Phongolo and Maphorisa’s dating chronicles

Pearl Thusi posted an Instagram story from a Konka event she was hired as a host. On Pearl’s Instagram story, both Thuli Phongolo and the Particula hitmaker were dancing together in very close proximity. Surprisingly enough, Maphorisa and Thuli didn’t post themselves grooving with each other.

The last time the two were rumoured to be an item

LAWDphorry and the female DJ were posing in the same room last year but in different pictures. On the 26th of October in 2021, the DJ’s were seen vibing and dancing on the decks together, and people noticed the chemistry between the two.

On the 22nd of December 2021, Thuli and Maphorisa were seen jamming to the song Asibe Happy by Ami Faku, and it pretty much-raised eyebrows from their fans. Thuli later called being a relationship “Clownology” and said she’d much rather be alone as there is no time in her life to work and make a relationship work.