Phumzile Mlangeni

Madondo came as a patient to Durban Gen, who suffers from sugar diabetes, before the staff realized that she had a secret. After Dr Zondo finds the nurses watching a viral video of a rude nurse who attacked her patient on the internet, she realizes that it’s her patient. Even with her medical experience, Madondo made it hard for herself to be treated as she sneaked in prohibited food.

When she is discharged, the notorious nurse realizes the nurses’ station is in chaos and tells the nurses off. Sup Qwabe, who was eavesdropping on that tell-off, offers Madondo a job on the spot. 

She starts running the hospital’s nurses on a tight leash with her strict behaviour and gets things done. Many fans have wondered who this newbie on Durban Gen is and what she is like in real life.

Calvin and Matron Madondo in Durban Gen
Calvin and Matron Madondo in Durban Gen-Image Source(Instagram/DurbanGentv)

Phumzile Mlangeni, who takes on the role of Matron Madondo, is an actress who has been in many drama serials. However, her fans have realized that Phumzile is a Zulu traditional dancer by profession with shock. Her breakthrough as an actress came when she won an award for acting. She was dancing with her cultural group called uBuhle Bentsha cultural group.

Phumzile Mlangeni is a traditional dancer in real-life

Phumzile Mlangeni
Phumzile Mlangeni-Image Source(Instagram/Phumzile Mlangeni)

Her love for traditional music and dance did not stop because she became a prominent shot actress on the small screen. She is a host on Kasie FM, and she plays traditional music on Saturdays, funeral announcements on Thursday, then gospel music on Sundays.

Phumzile has no acting or presenter jobs training and claims that her talent is natural from God. People can not help but agree as she has given some of the most outstanding performances on-screen as an actress.

Phumzile Mlangeni in The Queen
Phumzile Mlangeni in The Queen-Image Source(Instagram/Phumzile Mlangeni)

Mlangeni’s first acting role was in the comedy series Family Bonds. Scouts discovered her when she won the award under her cultural group. She played the role for three years up to 2019. Since then, she has landed roles on Generations, Rhythm City, MuvhangoScandalUzaloSkeem Saam and Gomora, to mention a few.

Apart from acting in drama serials, Phumzile has roles in films like Queen of Katwe by Moonlight Films. She is also a commercial actress as she has been featured in Maggi noodle adverts, Clover Milk, MTN and Metropolitan commercial.