Vho-Hangwani from Muvhango

Connie Sibiya is one of the matriarchal actors on Muvhango. The actress just celebrated her 54th birthday yesterday. Did you know that Vho-Hangwani from Muvhango is a Bishop in real life?

Connie Sibiya was born in November 1967 is best known for her on-screen role as Vho-Hangwani in Muvhango. On-screen, she is married to Gizara, and her Muvhango character enters into a polygamous marriage at first. After her co-wife dies, she continues her marriage to Gizara while taking care of the late wife’s daughter. Her on-screen daughter is Rendani, who has bad luck in love. Hangwani is the owner of the cafe that’s in the building where Mukwevho Holdings offices are located. In real life, Vho-Hangwani from Muvhango is a Bishop.

Connie Sibiya was ordained Bishop of her church last year. The actress is married to Dr Abraham Sibiya, the Archbishop of the African Region at Saint Athanasius of Alexandra. Connie has been serving the Lord ever since she was 14 years old as an administrator in the church. In 2020, she was elected as Bishop of Communion of Episcopal and Apostolic Churches International. The couple has been blessed with five children in their marriage.

Muvhango cast members who are also preachers

Connie Sibiya is not the only Muvhango cast member who is a preacher in her real life. The actress who plays Susan Mukwevho, Maumela Mahuwa, is also a Pastor in life. She, however, is not under any church, but she gets hired for her pastoral services to any church that she is needed.

Also, former Muvhango actress Phindile Gwala has heeded the calling. The actress who played the role of Nonny for five years on the show started preaching back in 2016. Her passion for the gospel was instilled in her from childhood. Having been raised by Pastor parents, she said that she had always wanted to preach.