Carol Tshabalala and Sadio Mane

, the first lady of South African sports broadcasting, got engaged to a confident Mr S. Carol is excited over her current relationship status, her engagement ring and the wedding she’ll have in the future. Many asked her who the lucky man was, but she sealed her lips. Mzansi congratulated the star and wished her good matrimony.

Carol’s mysterious Mr S

Carol has been private about her current relationship for the longest time. She doesn’t share snaps of her boo or even tags him on anything. She was lucky to find a partner who reciprocated her need for privacy. She has kept her fiance under wraps, and fans speculate that it could be Liverpool and Senegal footballer . She was spotted hanging out with the international soccer star from 2020. Although she hasn’t confirmed it, more and more people are convinced it could be him.

Carol Tshabalala and Senagalese Sadio Mane of Liverpool
and Senegalese of Liverpool. Credit: CarolTshabalala
Carol Tshabalala and Senagalese Sadio Mane of Liverpool. Credit: CarolTshabalala
and Senegalese of Liverpool. Credit: CarolTshabalala

Previous marriage

Carol was once married to Solomon Manana; the two got married when Carol was at the tender age of 19. She and Solomon had a long marriage that was blessed with children. After her divorce, she dated a few people. Her most famous relationship after her marriage was with the rapper Sbu Motloung. Sbu and Carol split in 2015; after that break-up, Carol focused on her career and kept her romantic affairs private.

Carol Tshabalala gets engaged
gets engaged. Photo Credit: Instagram/CarolTshabalala

Importance of privacy and brief bio

With so many public figure relationships failing, people blame it on treating a relationship as a medium of content creation and not an actual relationship. Many couples break up after making their relationships public. Simphiwe Ngema and Minenhle Dlamini are an example. With the nitty-gritty of looking ‘ cute together ‘, the time to spend together and understand one another shrinks. External opinions also play a large part in how the couple eventually perceives one another.

Carol is a sports broadcaster, and with her voice, she’s managed to score herself numerous voice-over gigs. She’s also a mother of three children and has worked for the SABC for years.

More pictures of Carol Tshabalala showing off ring:

Carol Tshabalala gets engaged, shows off diamond ring
Carol Tshabalala gets engaged shows off the diamond ring. Photo Credit: Instagram/CarolTshabalala
Carol Tshabalala gets engaged
Carol Tshabalala. Image Credit: Instagram/CarolTshabalala