Busta 929

He has managed to keep his private life under wraps of late, but it seems as if his girlfriend couldn’t. Busta 929 has seen himself trending after her girlfriend, who appears to be a teenager, shared a series of cosy pictures with him.

We can all agree the viral pictures have indeed sparked an uproar on social media. However, this is not the first time he has been implicated in daring underage relationships. Social media has been buzzing since the viral pictures flooded social media. However, the girl’s identity is yet to be established in the mix of things, and black Twitter is connecting the dots.

Busta 929 and his alleged teen girlfriend Source: Twitter
Busta 929 and his teen girlfriend Source: Twitter

In 2021 he hogged headlines when he was spotted with teens in the studio whilst on an Instagram live. The incident came to light after the 14-year old girl was seen wrapped in a towel whilst his company. To make matters worse, she had been at Busta’s place for more than two days. What angered Mzansi was that Busta didn’t even make an effort to reach out to the girls family to reveal that he was with a 14-year old.

Busta 929 in trouble after cosy pictures with teen girlfriend leaked

Mzansi even wanted him to be nabbed for statutory rape after allegations made all sorts of headlines. According to several sources, it was later revealed that the teenagers had gone awol and we were about to be reported missing. The controversial musician later issued an apology in regards to the matter.

Busta 929 girlfriend Source: Twitter
Busta 929 girlfriend Source: Twitter

But from the looks of things with this incident, Mzansi is more than convinced that he preys on teens. The two’s viral pictures looked cosy and were even seen in some pictures taking expensive champagne’s.

Black Twitter weighed in the matter and dragged several celebrities into the scandal. Minnie Dlamini, Pearl Thusi, and several A-list celebrities were lashed at for not voicing against Busta 929 chowing teens.

Busta 929 girlfriend Source: Twitter
Busta 929 girlfriend Source: Twitter

However, this comes in the backdrop of their sentiments and several calls to cancel MacG for being a threat to women and an abuser because of his Podcast and Chill with MacG sessions. More pictures of the teen have since flooded social media.