Khanya Mkangisa

 hogged headlines on Sunday after her video having lunch with Mawe Vundula’s ex-husband Desmond Williams went viral. Rumours made rounds on social media that Khanya had dumped her ben ten boyfriend J Molley to be with Desmond.

As rumours were still making circles on social media, Khanya posted another video on her Instagram stories that left fans and Mzansi in stitches. In the video, the actress was in bed with Desmond and looked like they were cuddling. It’s not yet clear if the two are in a romantic relationship or if they are friends with benefits.

 Watch Khanya and Desmond’s video

Mzansi reacts to Khanya and Desmond’s video cuddling

After Khanya shared her video cuddling with Desmond, Mzansi reacted negatively. In the comment section of her video, Mzansi could hide their feelings toward her. Fans were judging her for changing men like she was changing clothes. Others suggested that she is now too old to be changing men; she is at the age of settling down and having a family. One of the prominent comments was that Desmond wasn’t good for Khanyi because his wife divorced him due to abuse allegations.

The Queen actress ’s new boyfriend Desmond Williams gets Mzansi talking

Although many of the comments were negative, they were a few positive comments. Other fans were happy for Khanya, and they congratulated her on her new relationship.

previous relationship

The Queen actress found herself trending after revealing that she was in a relationship with J Molley in 2020. J Molley was ten years younger than Khanya, and Mzansi judged her for that. Fans would compare her to Zidwa Wabantu, who dated young men and took advantage of them.

Although many were not in favour of her relationship with J Molley, the two continued dating and would spoil each other unapologetically. It came as a shocker that the two had parted ways, and Khanya had moved on with Desmond.