Kabza De Small

It seems like the Mrs is tired of keeping her relationship away from the public eye. Kamogelo Geloo posted snaps of her and her hubby Kabelo Motha known as Kabza the Small, in Newcastle.

She captioned their snaps with the words, “I pray for you because I want you to keep winning and everything you do. Happy New Year, you all.”

Kabza De Small’s marriage to Kamogelo Geloo Moropa

Unfortunately for the ladies, Kabza De Small is off the market. Kamogelo stole his heart when they initially started dating. Their relationship was on and off for a long time until they eventually tied the knot in October 2021. Kabza and Kamogelo decided to keep their relationship away from the public eye to avoid the noise from their fans about their personal lives.

Symbol of their marriage

The King of Amapiano and his wife married traditionally, meaning there are no wedding bands on their fingers just as yet.

The two are still planning on having a white wedding ceremony, and the white wedding will probably be shown to the public as they have started with snaps.

After their ceremony, Kabza wore isiphandla on his wrist to symbolize being taken. Kamogelo also posted an image of herself, adorned with a traditional outfit to show that she is now a married woman.

Reasons why they kept their relationship so private

The Scorpion King is a king on the decks but has also displayed great character in protecting his wife and his family image. Kabza is one of the most prolific artists in the country, Kamogelo on the other hand, she hates the spotlight.

Kamo and Kabza decided to keep it under wraps to protect Kamo from being dragged in headlines and dealing with groupies attacking her on social media.

The future of the couple

These two will have a white wedding and exchange vows, and a few Motha babies might also be in the way in the future. They’ll travel together when Kabza has gigs, and Kamo might warm up to the idea of being in the public eye.