Shauwn Mkhize
Shauwn Mkhize

Yesterday, Royal AM president Dr Shauwn Mkhize celebrated being awarded an honourary doctorate from Good Shepherd College of Religion and Training. The college awarded her for her dedication to helping the community. She celebrated the graduation in style.

Wearing a black suit, Dr Shauwn Mkhize, as she would want to be called, wore the red graduation gown and a red cap as she walked among other graduates.

She shared photos of herself with her family and friends at her graduation party.

Mkhize also sent a message to her late dad, telling him both her daughters are now doctors. ‘I hope you and dad are watching over this moment, and you are beyond proud,’ she wrote on her Instagram.

She also thanked God for the ‘best moments she cherishes in her life’ ash she also said she was happy to be alive. ‘Officially, you can now address me as Dr President Shauwn Mkhize,’ she wrote, referring to her role as President of PSL Club Royal AM Football Club.

She thanked her family and friends for organising a celebratory dinner for her last night. ‘The greatest gift you can ever give somebody is showing up for them; they showed up for me,’ she said. ‘Thank you to everyone who made my day super special,’ the businessman said to a group of family and friends who attended the party.

‘This is how my day went yesterday; there are not enough words to describe this feeling. Watching this video continues to fill my heart more and more. God, you’ve been so good to me…ngihlezi ngibonga wena Baba. One thing about me is that I will never change what has contributed to my growth and keeps me grounded,’ she posted.

She said her sister calls her a woman with so many titles; Dr President Shawn Mkhize.

While she is winning in her life, she remains humble as she said she hasn’t changed from the woman she was. But when all is said and done, I’m still Shauwn, just the girl next door from Umbumbulu.

Watch the video of Shauwn Mkhize’s graduation party below.