Gundo Mukwevho

Nkululeko Tshirumbula, who is famously known as Nkuli M, rose to fame when he landed a role as a ladies man on SABC 2 soapie Muvhango. His debut on-screen character later earned him several other gigs and titles in the South African entertainment circles. The actor has grown his craft from then, so here is a walkthrough of Nkuli Tshirumbula’s business empire.

Nkuli Tshirumbula was born in Pretoria in 1990, making him 31 years of age. The actor grew up in his hometown. In school, he pursued a degree in Administration finance.. While he was in his final year at the Tshwane University of Technology, he auditioned for the role of Vusi on Muvhango. The production house turned him down, but two months later, he was called as the show’s creator had created a character for him, Gundo Mukwevho.

Nkuli Tshirumbula-Image Source(Instagram)

His character on Muvhango made a name for Nkuli in the entertainment industry. The actor went on to land a role in Generations-The Legacy after Muvhango as Vuyo. When his character left the SABC 1 show, Nkuli did not just sit around and wait for jobs. He used his hands and started a car business with the experience he had growing up watching his uncles fixing cars. His company was buying cars and stripping them to sell parts or customise regular cars into something customers would be attracted to.

Nkuli Tshirumbula is also a DJ and a cook

Nkuli Tshirumbula-Image Source(Instagram)

As if that was not enough, Nkuli also turned his love for music into a career. The actor taught himself how to spin decks and is doubling up as a DJ. He uses the stage name Nkuli M in his performances. The actor seems to have made a thriving career out of deejaying as his Instagram is well decorated with pictures and highlights from all the shows he would have been booked to.

Nkuli Tshirumbula-Image Source(Instagram)

Nkuli also took his love for the kitchen and taught himself how to whip up several meals. He has turned that into a business where he teaches people how to cook and is booked to cook for others. His company’s name is called Nkuli M eats.