In Pictures: Former Generations The Legacy actress Tshidi ‘Letoya Makhene’ sparks Jub Jub dating rumours.

Is the former Generations The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene who played Tshidi on the SABC 1 soap opera dating Jub Jub? Recent image uploads on social media sparked dating rumours. If you are a Tshidi fan relax, Jub Jub is not “smashing” her; she is still in love with the wife and businesswoman Lebo Keswa.

Tshidi on Generations The Legacy

She played the role of a business executive who sets her own rules and trashes morals to get things done. Tshidi uses manipulation and threats to get whats she wants while crushing those who stand in her way. Zondiwe Mogale’s daughter and sister to Tau values family and even adopted Mpho as her child.

Over the Generations The Legacy storyline, Tshidi spend the more significant part of it married to gangster Kumkani; the two formed a formidable team where manipulation meets force. The two were perfect for each other to the extent that fans thought they were married in real life.

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In a bid to inherit and control the Moroka fortunes, Tshidi seduced Kabisi Moroka, the clan leader; like a baby, Kabisi fell for her, and as always, it ended in tears. Tshidi and Gadaffi’s sudden departure from Generations The Legacy cast raised questions about why the producers let go two of their most paid cast members at once.

Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa: Image Credit @Instagram

On her exit scene, Tshidi blue ticked Minister Walter Nkaba’s plans to skip the country together and leave to the USA with ex-husband Kumkani Phakade.

Letoya Makhene marriage with Lebo Keswa

Tshidi on Generations The Legacy: Image Credit @Instagram

In 2019 Letoya broke the hearts of many crushing over her when she announced her same-gender relationship with businesswoman Lebo Keswa. The couple tied a knot in a colourful traditional wedding ceremony in January 2021.

Clapping back at critics and haters, Letoya revealed that she chose Lebo over men because she was good in bed in a video that went viral on social media.

Letoya sparks Jub Jub dating rumours: Image Credit @Instagram

Her recent image on Instagram kissing Lebo, has been spotted by fans who pointed out that Lebo looked like entertainer and presenter Jub Jub.

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