Babes Wodumo

Petition for Babes Wodumo to join Real Housewives of Durban floods social media

Today the celebrity, lifestyle and general Mzansi pop culture blogger Musa Khawula created a petition on Twitter to get Tamia Mpisane on Real Housewives of Durban.

This particular petition was trending on the TL, but people don’t know; he created a petition yesterday asking if Bongekile Simelani, also known as Babes Wodumo, should be on the show. Babes got a few votes in favour, and the minority was against the idea.

Babes Wodumo (Source Instagram)

Many people signed it when Musa released Tamia’s petition, agreeing with him. A smaller percentage was against the idea, and the majority won. Tamia Mpisane is getting so many votes because she fits the criteria. She and her husband are fairly younger than the other husbands and wives but, they’re a trending hot couple with a lot of money.

Petition for Babes Wodumo to join Real Housewives of Durban floods social media

Differences between Babes Wodumo and Tamia Mpisane

Both women are in the limelight, but Babes broke into stardom as a gqom singer and dancer. Tamia has always been a model and an influencer but, she became more popular after her marriage. Tamia is very gentle and graceful; people who have met her in person speak about how kind she is.

Mrs Mpisane shares cute moments of herself on social media, ever since she’s broken into more fame. She’s never divulged personal affairs to people, even when her husband was rumoured not to be, the father of his second child with Sithelo.

Babes Wodumo (Source Instagram)

Babes Wodumo is talented, but she has lost relevance in the music industry. She has a lot of bad publicity tied to her name; she got this from when she verbally attacked her mother-in-law and the singer Makhadzi for allegedly sleeping with Makhadzi. In the past, she’s been accused of being a drug user, and she keeps threatening people to beat her up.

The reason behind Musa Khawula’s petition.

Musa has failed to understand why Mrs JoJo Robinson has been cast on the show. Jojo captioned one of her most recent Insta posts with words that explain her life. She’s said she’s a tattooed wife who lives in a lavish home, drives a luxurious car, loves arguing and buys expensive jewellery.

Many people seem to love her, and they’re already calling her their favourite. Musa Khawula doesn’t understand why she’s even there.