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Pearl Thusi Biography and Net Worth 2021

Pearl Thusi Biography

Pearl Thusi’s biography is filled with trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

Pearl Thusi is a model, TV presenter, actress, MC, radio personality and businesswoman. 

She started her modelling career when she was a teenager and has participated in several pageants. Pearl won Miss KwaZulu-Natal in 2005 and was crowned first runner-up at Miss SA Teen in 2003. 

The Durban beauty rose to fame as a presenter on SABC 3’s iCrew in 2006. She moved to Johannesburg after completing her high school education to pursue her studies at Wits University. Pearl continued to work on her modelling and acting career while studying. 

The former Pinetown Girls’ High School pupil bagged a role opposite American actress Jill Scott in the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency in 2009. Pearl made history in 2018 when Netflix announced she would star in Queen Sono – the streaming company’s first-ever African original series. 

She has hosted shows such as Lip Sync Battle Africa on MTV, BET Africa’s Behind the Story, SABC 1’s LIVE Amp and the Comedy Central Roast of AKA. Pearl partnered with WWF South Africa in 2019 to help protect South Africa’s wildlife.

Seeing how popular she is, it’s the norm to always see active on social media and that’s what expected of our all celebs, but of late, Pearl Thusi has fans worried. 

Pearl Thusi Age, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth, Husband & Sisters

Here’s a look at pearl Thusi’s biography.

Pearl Thusi and Friends  

Pearl is one who loves to keep her friends close and is not shy to show how much she appreciates them. 

Pearl Thusi took time to gush about her friend Nomuzi Mabena in a sweet social media post.

She listed all the qualities that she adored in her BFF dating from the first time they met till now.

“Hi, Nomuzi… @moozlie. I know you have no clue about how much I care for you. I’ve loved you and your energy since I first saw you. The way you smile, how sweet and badass you are at the same time,” she wrote.

Pearl also went on to admire her hard work and her energy, praising her contribution to the entertainment space and always keeping it real.

“How hard you work, how hard you love. I can’t wait for the day you truly realise how incredible you are. I know you feel it but I can’t wait till you love it and live it. In the way, I see you but most importantly, the way God sees you.” Pearl says. 

Pearl Thusi and her best friend DJ Zinhle are also practically joined at the hip. They became closer in 2015 after Zinhle’s baby daddy AKA left her for Bonang Matheba. Zinhle even moved in with Pearl while her mansion was being built in 2017. The DJ joked that Pearl practically forced her to move into her house.

“I didn’t have a home, I was homeless and she was in New York and she literally forced me to move into her house  and I was really uncomfortable but she was like, I’m not hearing it you’re moving to my house, so I moved with my nanny, my baby, everything into her house.” Zinhle said on Cannel O’s Top 5 Drive.

Pearl Thusi New Bae

When the love bug hits, it doesn’t miss and Pearl Thusi might have found the one. 
A Twitter user by the handle of @sya_nkabinde decided to shoot his shot at Pearl Thusi, and the good homie did not mince his words by telling her that he would love to be her boyfriend, yaas man fetch your woman.

The homie wrote “If I die I die @PearlThusi cela kuba boyfriend yakho.” Pearl Thusi replied to his sweet tweet and said he must not die, but they should date once.

We are happy for you Pearl.

Pearl Thusi Nigeria

While she was advocating for one love, South Africans told her to try next door!
Pearl Thusi was at the receiving end of the much of the backlash from South Africans following her advocacy for a united Africa. Since she has been always tweeting about the problem of xenophobia and advocating that the matter should be on top of the agenda, more than the issues faced in the US.

The #QueenSono star has been dragged in the past asfar as even suggesting that she was dating a Nigerian man.  

The beauty took to Twitter and thanked her “peeps in Nigeria” for always making her look beat! Pearl even introduced the tweet by writing the name she was given by her Nigeria family, Ngozi.

Mzansi is now telling her to go back to where she belongs as she’s always giving them a shout out.

Pearl Thusi Family

She is the eldest child in her family and has two younger sisters, Prunella and Pamela Thusi.  

Pearl also has four older half-siblings. She says she had a very happy childhood despite children teasing her about the colour of her skin. Pearl is much lighter than the rest of her family.

“My father is dark. My mother was slightly light. I have a recessive gene from five generations back on my dad’s side. My ancestors five generations back were mixed race and so that is where it came from. With a gene recession it is normal, that for years nobody would be born light, or have blue eyes, until a few generations later,” she told Glen Lewis on Touch HD in 2017.

Pearl Thusi’s parents helped shaped the person she is today. Her mother died in 2004 when she was still a teenager.  Pearl often speaks about her mom in interviews, describing her as the “hardest worker”. After her mother’s death, Pearl said she had to fill the role of mom and wife. She moved to Johannesburg after completing high school.

“I ran away from being a mother to my sisters and being a wife to my father (in a sense) to being a real wife and mother,” she told Anele Mdoda on Real Talk.

Pearl’s relationship with her father, Bhekizizwe Thusi, was a bit complicated. He allegedly abused her mother and Pearl admits he was the first man to break her heart. Their relationship also became strained after her mother’s death. 

2020 was the first year she celebrated her birthday without her father. She took to Instagram to share the news that her father had passed away. Although their relationship was strained at the time of her mom’s death, however all had been forgiven and the pair had mended their relationship.

Pearl Goes MIA

Pearl Thusi is everyone’s favourite, it’s just hard not to like her. Fans love it when she posts of her getaways, pics with her girls and even her besties on social media. She is known for her steamy pics and videos that have melted the hearts of many, but of late something seems to be amiss.

She left her fans shook after disappearing on social media without a public warning. The star recently deactivated all her social media accounts, and this has raised many eyebrows because everyone these days has become a social media junkie.

This lock down has us all cooped in our houses and not able to go outside. It has even reunited us with our long-lost family members and friends, who went missing a long time ago. For most, the only way to stay in contact is through social media and this when the social media detectives noticed someone was missing and it was none other than Pearl Thusi. 

Everyone hopes that Mama Panther is doing ok wherever she is. Even her bestie, DJ Zinhle sent out some love to her. 

Pearl On #QueenSono

Whoever thought this crown would be carried by a South African woman? 

Pearl is known for her many talents and wears many hats. She has proven that she has immense talent when it comes to being on-screen.

Her latest project ‘Queen Sono’ has received the thumbs up from viewers.The action-packed series sees Pearl starring as Queen Sono, a ‘spy working for an undercover South African agency devoted to protecting the people of Africa.’

If you haven’t started watching it, you need to get on the band wagon, because homegirl just showed us flames when she had the whole of Mzansi hype praises on her and Vuyo Dabula’s steamy sex scene on #QueenSono.

In a video which has since set social media ablaze, the two can be seen hard at work underneath the sheets and we also catch a glimpse of Pearl’s titties. Her tities clearly broke the internet as they became a topic of interest on these Twitter streets.

Because many love her work, fans most certainly hope that there will be a season 2 of #QueenSono. 

Pearl Thusi Age 

Her full name is Sithembile Xola Pearl Thusi. Pearl Thusi was born in Durban’s kwaNdengezi township on May 13, 1988. She is 32 years old. 

Pearl Thusi Quantico

Pearl Thusi bagged one of her biggest TV roles in 2016 when she was cast in American TV series, Quantico. The show starred Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. Pearl played Dayana Mampasi, a Harvard Law School graduate from Zimbabwean in season two. Quantico aired its final episode in 2018. 

earl described what it was like working on the set in an interview with the Citizen newspaper.

“Some days my call time is as early as 5am and others I only get picked up at 1pm. We have anything between 12 to 14 hours on set, and sometimes I am there throughout, depending on the location of the scene, as well as camera angles. Before we shoot any scene we need to rehearse and the director then sees which camera shot he would like. Bear in mind that these cameras are moved around meaning we sometimes have to repeat the same scene a few times,” she said.

Pearl Thusi Career

Pearl Thusi has starred in several local and international films.  She played warrior princess Tala in Scorpion King: Book of Souls. American actor Zach McGowan played the lead role in the film. The straight to DVD movie, which was shot in Cape Town, was released in October 2018. Pearl and Zach have since become good friends. 

Pearl Thusi also acted in Catching Feelings with Kagiso Lediga. The romantic comedy was streamed on Netflix. Some of Pearl’s other movie features include Kalushi and Tremors 5: Bloodlines. She has also appeared on TV shows such as Rhythm City, Zone 14, Soul City and Isidingo.

Pearl Thusi Relationships

After months of speculation, Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa made their relationship official on Instagram in 2016. They tried to play coy at first, but Pearl eventually confirmed the news on Real Talk.

“He took me to my favourite restaurant – he’s very romantic… [a] platter came and there was a box and I thought it was chocolate and then I opened it and in the end I realised what was going on and then there he was, sweating, and then finally it happened. He did kneel but I didn’t see that,” she said.

Pearl and Robert broke up before they could walk down the aisle. He confirmed their split in August 2017. “I confirm the rumour & speculation that our relationship with Miss Pearl Thusi ended a few months ago. We continue 2 be good friends though,” he tweeted.

Despite his claims that they remained good friends, the former lovers would later take jabs at each other on social media.

Pearl Thusi reportedly dated TV producer Quinton Jones before he fell madly in love with Minnie Dlamini. Pearl has never confirmed the relationship. Some reports claimed Minnie snatched Quinton from under Pearl’s nose. But the love triangle reports are unlikely to be untrue as Pearl was one of the first to congratulate Minnie and Quinton when they got engaged. “YAAAAASSSS,” she wrote with Minnie announced her engagement on Instagram in 2016.

Pearl Thusi does not have a husband and has never been married. Some of the star’s fans believe she was married to Walter Mokoena but the pair never got hitched. Pearl’s rumoured famous exes include NBA star Serge Ibaka and rapper Da Les. 

Pearl Thusi Daughter 

Pearl Thusi has a daughter named Thandolwethu with her ex-boyfriend Walter Mokoena. Her family and friends call her Thando. Pearl fell pregnant with Thando during her first year at university. Pearl also has an adopted daughter named Okuhle. She is believed to have adopted Okuhle in late 2018 but only confirmed the news in May 2019.

“Mothers are like heroes… They’re not only born. They can also become. Be made. Not only by blood, but by love. By kindness. Bravery. Compassion,” Pearl wrote on Instagram.

Pearl Thusi Business

Pearl Thusi launched her hair care range, Black Pearl, in 2015. Pearl is known for her trademark afro and it made sense for her to start a line of her own hair products. She partnered with Afro-botanics to create the range. Pearl Thusi’s hair products are still flying off the shelves in 2019.

Pearl Thusi Net Worth

Pearl Thusi is one of the richest actors in Africa and is reportedly worth millions. Pearl’s exact net worth is unknown, but it is believed to be in the region of $2 million.  Between her business ventures, endorsements and movies, Pearl has several sources of income. 


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