Patrick Shai apologises to Cassper

Former Generations actor wants in on the Fame vs Clout fight, using unorthodox methods to get attention. The Fame vs clout fight is doing so much in South Africa, gaining so much attention and attracting many people. Well, it ended badly as had to apologise to .

Cassper Nyovest has created a monster, as they say. We have reported on the weekend that Cassper is preparing for a fight with Anga Makhubalo, aka NaakMusiq. The fight is set to take place on 8th April 2022.

Now Cassper has attracted the attention of Patric Shai. Yes, Patric Shai.

Patrick Shai is one of the most respected actors in the country. He is mainly known for the womanizer Nkwesheng on a popular television series called Bophelo Ke Semphekgo (Life is a Struggle). Patric was also on Generations, Soul City,7de Laan, Yizo Yizo, Skjem Saam in movies like Cry the beloved Country.

Recently he appeared on Uzalo as himself, he appeared as a motivational speaker against Gender-Based Violence due to the Nosipho and Njeza storyline. Patric is an activist against Gender-Based Violence. Patrick is old enough to be Cassper’s grandfather.

Now Patric has gone Mohammed Ali on Cassper. Do you know how the champ used to throw profanities at his opponents for clout? He went as far as calling his opponents ugly on live television.

I suppose Patrick wanted to be the Clout on the Fame vs Clout. He went into his social media pages to challenge Cassper to a fight. The problem is the methods he used.

Patric released a couple of videos insulting Cassper and finally calling him an SoB. In the first video, he is seen sitting in a car, and in the second video, he is standing with a group of people, continuing to use obscene language to send a message to Cassper. He can be heard saying he will knock Cassper out in one round.

Arthur Mayisela was a very famous boxer in South Africa. He died in 1986 at the early age of 32. I could tell you more about The fighting Prince, but that is a story by itself, and this is about Patric. Patric could also be heard saying he is with the Arthur Mayisela foundation.

Anyway, Patrick received massive backlash from the public about his methods of a challenge to the young Cassper, so much so that he went and released a third and last video, apologizing for what he did.

Cassper responded, asking why this was happening. “Who does that old man, and why is he calling my mom a b***h? Why does my family have to be disrespected like this, yo? This is too much now!!! Modimo nna ha ke sa kgona, ke kopa thuso.”

The last words mean, “God, I can’t anymore,please help me.”

Cassper continued to say: “I know my life looks perfect and shit but, it’s not. I’m human yo, I battle things you can never imagine. Everyday day I wake up & fight for myself and my family. I don’t expect everyone to love me. You can disrespect me all you want; justice my family alone. They aren’t famous, I am.”

The social media police went and called Patrick out and made him trend.

Watch as apologises to