Gabisile kills Mthunzi

Next on Uzalo: Desperate Gabisile kills Mthunzi, leaving Hlelo in tears

Coming next on Uzalo, Gabilise refuses to give in to Mthunzi’s demands of being paid R5 000 each month for childbearing, a task he claims takes a lot of energy and strength hence demands payment.

Mthunzi is the father of Hlelo’s son Smangaliso; he took homeless Hlelo into his house and later became abusive. Now that Hlelo moved on with her new life in KwaMashu, Mthunzi follows her and threaten her guardian Gabisile. He threatens to take baby Smangaliso away from Hlelo if not given R5 000 compensation for fathering the baby.

The Mthunzi role is played by Uzalo director Andile Msomi, who has been involved in the soapie behind the scenes. He appeared in KwaMashu clad in a black overcoat to conceal his identity and named The Undertaker; he speaks with fear and intimidation. His plan to take the baby away from Hlelo was all in motion till he made a grave mistake of sneaking in and out of Nkunzi’s house to threaten Gabisile.

Threatening a killer is not always a good move, especially when you step into their territory where they hold the high ground. Through a chess game, Nkunzi gives Gabisile a strategy of dealing with her tormentor and blackmailer; Mthunzi is up for a big surprise after realizing that he underestimated Gabisile’s capabilities all along. A concerned cat always turns violent, so as Gabisile, who turned the tables on Mthunzi by killing him, leaving Hlelo mourning the loss of her baby daddy.

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Tuesday 23 November 2021
Episode 187

Gabisile is forced to take radical steps to stop an enemy. MaDongwe reaches out to Mbatha for help with Ma’Thabethe. Pastor Gwala’s spirit is unsettled, tragedy hovers above KwaMashu.

Wednesday 24 November 2021
Episode 188

Hlelo mourns Mthunzi.