Skeem saam
Skeem saam

Things have turned for the worst for Nothile Mavhimbela on Skeem Saam. The lie that she told Lehasa that she could not bear children has come back to hunt her. Lehasa is slowly losing interest in Nothile because of endless liers.

Their relationship started in a good place, but after Lehasa denied the child that pretty was carrying. Nothing felt like Lehasa doesn’t love children, so she doesn’t want to get pregnant for such a man.

While Notice is still struggling with her relationship, Khwezi comes between them. Khwezi wants to use Lehasa to take revenge against the Mavhimbela people. Lehasa will be a toy in this war and end up losing what is essential to him. He still has to discover big news that pretty terminated his child. On Skeem Saam, they have used the character of Lehasa to teach people not to trust easily.

The Maputla’s there are grieving as they lost the case.

Maike Maputla and her family are in a lot of pain after the court found her guilty. The case has ended, and she is only waiting for her date to be sentenced. It is almost a painful week for the family as there are thinking of leaving without a mother.

Most viewers believe that she deserved it because her actions haven’t changed. She has abused Mantuli a lot while there were neighbours. The drama is still not over between the Maphutla’s and Seakamela.

The Seakamela family is celebrating winning their case.

The Seakamela are currently celebrating at the moment because they won the case. But their happiness is still limited as they do not know how many years will make them get in prison. But they hope that the judge will do justice to them as they deserve it.

The Skeem Saam drama is still hot as there are a lot of conflicts between the families in the shop.

Lehasa needs to fix things with Notice.

In the main, while Lehasa needs to decide if he will continue being with Nothile or end their relationship. He doesn’t want to see himself on a love triangle between these two women. Her date with Khwezi tonight will not end well. Nothing will love to see her boyfriend having a date with the worse enemy. This might not end well between him and Notice.