Generations The Legacy
Generations The Legacy

In the last episode of Generations: The Legacy

Mandla hosted his first auction, and it was a buzzing success. I mean, everyone was so impressed with his skills as a host. Even Lerumo made an appearance and was impressed to
learn that over a million Rands had been made.

So last night, after threatening to leave, Ayanda got so guilty she forgot he was a conman and started to convince him to stay, but he knows how to manipulate her. He pushed on with his plan and freaked out over this. So guess what happened Ayanda took the bate.

He knows how to toy with his daughter, and he doesn’t even care that he is breaking his granddaughter’s heart.  Mam Flo’s coffee gives someone some exciting business ideas. Sphe dealt Kabisi a hard blow in her quest to get the Cele and Moroka clan to do business again.

Threats are flying right now. Sphe forced Kabisi’s hand by threatening to expose the illegal organ donor program that landed him with the late Tamryn Bosson’s kidney. What will Kabisis retaliation be? He says there is no deal.

So what’s next on Generations: The Legacy

Mandla continues to work his way in

He knows Dali doesn’t trust him. He sets his eyes on him. Dali is a super cop, and Mandla cannot afford his attention, nullifying him. Will Dali fall for it? I mean, Mandla’s
problems continue to pile up. They’ll end up burying him. I mean literally. Lerumo has raised his debt to two million Rands. That’s the beauty fine for being late with the original payment. Which was one million, not that this wasn’t hearty enough.

Will Nontle settle her and Mbalis dispute?

Nontle keeps showing up at Mocha Mamas. I wonder why. Lefa knows why. I suspect it’s because of Mbali. She wants to fix things between them after the Cape Town situation. Do you
think Mbali has a point in being angry? Grandma Flo’s coffee is a superb opportunity for her business-minded grandson.

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