Amanda Manku

Amanda recently got married and couldn’t wait to tell us how excited she was about that on her social media, telling us that we should now address her as Mme Tau from now on.

Well, Mme Tau may have just revealed that she is pregnant. In a new Instagram post, she made a few hours ago, the actress who plays Dr Elizabeth Thobagale on Skeem Saam wore a baby blue puffy dress and holding her tummy.

Is pregnant?

As if that was not enough, she then captioned her post. She wrote, “Why does this look like a pregnancy reveal picture?”

Her followers went wild and started responding immediately. Others were saying it looks like a pregnancy reveal because it is.

Even Clement Maosa, who plays Zamokuhle Seakamela and Mankus love interests on Skeem Saam, had something to say by simply writing “etla letsona mampsà re lapa melala”, which translates to tell us more we are waiting patiently.

Zamokuhle and Lizzy, as she is valued in Skeem Saam, have broken up due to Zamokuhle cheating with Glenda and then deciding he wanted to marry both Lizzy and Glenda. The whole situation was so intense it nearly lost Lizzy her job as a doctor.

Amanda suffered a great deal of loss in 2021; she lost her mother and her grandmother to a horrible attack where unknown gunmen shot the two.

Amanda also nearly lost her life due to a severe Covid19 infection, where all of her siblings also got infected. Amanda detailed all of this on her Instagram, explaining how she got the most brutal hit amongst her siblings.

However, her year ended in tears of joy because she married the love of her life.

Messages congratulating her on her pregnancy kept pouring in from her thousands of followers.

This won’t be Amanda’s first child if she is pregnant. She has two more children whom she loves dearly and always posts on social media.

Mme Tau has not confirmed the news yet, but she looks fantastic, and even her fans can’t ignore her glow. Some have even guessed the sex of the baby, saying it might be a boy because she is wearing a baby blue dress.

We will wait patiently to see if she finally confirms her pregnancy, but we wish her all the best if she is.