Bujy Bikwa and Andile Gaelisiwe

Radio presenter Bujy Bikwa and television presenter Andile Gaelisiwe; are set to be on a new documentary series called MTV Shuga: What Makes A Man. On the 1st of March 2022, the show will premier on our screens. Other local stars who will feature on the show include DJ Uncle Vinny and Big Zulu’s rapper.

What to expect from the docuseries

Gender-based Violence will be the number one topic on the show. All the stars will tackle the subject in various situations. There will probably be guests who share their personal stories and professionals like social workers and psychologists to shed light on the issues. MTV Shuga is one of the biggest edutainment channels in the entire continent.

Mzansi’s opinions about the show

South Africa is at a point where socially, more and more lessons on Gender-based Violence should be shown on our screens. Mzansi is generally happy that a show like this will be on the screens. Big Zulu and Bujy Bikwa appearing on the show was taboo for some Mzansi people.

Andile’s experience with GBV

Andile has spoken widely about her experience with being a Gender-based Violence victim in the past. Over the years, she’s counselled women who’ve been in similar situations and advised them to get professional help. Andile is a social philanthropist, and with her experience as a television presenter, she’s an excellent fit for the show.

Bujy’s experience with GBV

Bujy Bikwa recently assaulted the musician and media personality Boity Thulo. After they quarrelled for a while, Bujy smashed a bottle on her face. He was later arrested but was later released. Boity announced she’ll be pursuing a civil case against him for her medical costs.

Big Zulu’s experience with GBV

In 2018, Big Zulu was one of the biggest underground rappers in the country. He made several debuts here and there in the mainstream media. After a long argument with his baby mama, he assaulted her, becoming national news.

With Bujy and Big Zulu on the show, Mzansi is a tad unimpressed, but we don’t know what angle the show will take concerning them.