Gugu from Muvhango
Gugu from Muvhango

Muvhango has been the best when it comes to giving viewers drama. They always give viewers something unexpected that leaves the viewers at the edge of their seats. Gugu betrayed Susan once again by having an affair with Azwindini

Well, we recently witnessed Azwindini, the husband of Susan, stuck with Gugu underground. No one expected that from the show as there were not getting along with each other. We all thought that they would not make it out alive. But the show gave us a shock when there were both saved and sent to the hospital. While there was underground, everyone thought that there were going to die. They started talking about what they truly felt inside while they were underground.

They confessed the undying love that they had for each other. They ended up having a good time together. Gugu was busy with Susan’s son a few weeks before the accident, and now Gugu was busy with her husband. Well, this will break Susan down. She is still trying to forgive Azwindini for cheating on him before. But he recently did it again, and the day Susan finds the truth, it will hurt.

Azwindini loved to have two wives ever since he was a king. He has genuine feelings for Gugu, and he can make her a second wife. Susan has been through a lot, and he will never take such betrayal. Susan can not take the pain of having a busy person with his son being the second wife for his man. Things will not be easy for Susan once she finds out the truth.

We suspect that Gugu might become the next Queen of Thathe. Susan will not be able to take this pain anymore. They can not be sharing a partner. Does no one know where the situation will leave Susan? Fans are scared of the outcome of the episode. Gugu is not supposed to reveal the truth about what happened between Azwindini and her. But they can not hide their feelings anymore.

The episode has been tremendous, and the viewers are happy with the storyline. They all looking forward to hearing what will be happening next on the show. Azwindini just bought drama to his life. Even his brother Mulalo has no direction at the moment. There are both having issues at the moment. But Susan has been through a lot, and it will be hard for her to accept it.