Moshe Ndiki finally confirmed his split from Phelo Bala

Moshe Ndiki finally confirmed his split from Phelo Bala. The signs were there, we all saw them. Moshe hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring and hadn’t shared anything in relation to his marriage in a while, also these two haven’t been using each other’s last names as they did previously.

We all know how Moshe always shared his husband’s adorable pictures and always proclaimed his love for him, that was the first red flag.

The biggest red flag though was those recent videos with SK Khoza, where the two were seen getting up close and physical with one another and shocked everyone.

SK and Moshe were referring to one another as Girlfriend and Husband, you know what I mean.
Rumour Mill has it that Phelo unfollowed his husband immediately those videos were released and then deactivated his account. SK and Moshe both posted these videos on their Instagram pages respectively, causing a lot of speculation and confusion amongst his followers.

Moshe Ndiki apparently had a lengthy discussion with a well-known publication called IsoLezwe and that is where he confirmed that he is now married.

Moshe referred to himself as a former spouse and spoke about how he would like to get married again in the future as he still loves love and marriage.

Moshe and Phelo have had a very turbulent relationship. The two have split before due to an alleged domestic abuse allegation against Moshe in 2019, which Moshe denied. The whole situation was so messy Phelo allegedly ended up getting an interim court order against Moshe. Moshe wrote a statement saying that the publication that wrote about that story aimed at humiliating him and that that was an extension of the abuse he was already enduring at the time.

These two ended up fixing things and getting back together after that.

Moshe posted a message in January of 2022 speaking about being incapable of being in a one-sided relationship. Phelo Bala wrote a sweet message to Moshe to celebrate their second year as a married couple, but Moshe was, first of all, know where to be found because he was out in Zanzibar with his friends.