ventures into adult entertainment sets up an “” account 

, as we know, is not one to hold back. Ever since the musician broke into the industry, she has been nothing but entertaining.

She has now announced that she will be starting an “Only Fans” page. If you didn’t know, the “” page is dedicated to mostly adult entertainment, if you didn’t know. Knowing how wholly open-minded and unrestricted is, there is no doubt in our minds that she will explore that side.

The site was created to attract content creators to create freely without red tape and regulations from the higher powers in the entertainment industry. The site is for sharing content, and even music and movies could be transferred there, just to clarify, but the content mainly shared is adult entertainment.

However, the site requires a subscription to access the content, and you can only access accounts you are subscribed to. Sabelly, whose real name is Sanelisiwe Twisha, broke into the music industry in 2015 with her Rabulapha project. That project went on to get her a nomination at SAMA awards.

ventures into adult entertainment sets up an “” account

Moonchild is an open Bisexual woman, and she is not afraid of who she is. She recently went on the Podcast and Chill with MacG, and she let loose there about things she isn’t happy about.

Followers of Moonchild are all excited about the content she will be posting on the Only Fans page. Moonchild is thriving as a musician; her vocal abilities are undisputed, and she even features in one of Beyonce’s Black is King and her album called the gift, 5he sing is called Power, and Busiswa is also on the track.

She has worked with some of the greats in the South African music industry, like DJ Maphorisa, Busiswa and the Jazz Disciples, to name a few and DJ Shimza. Some people feel that Moonchild has always been interested in being an adult entertainer and will be subscribing to see why she will start the only fans page.