Mohale Motaung
Mohale Motaung

Mohale Motaung’s life at risk and tweeps suspect Somizi. Mohale’s followers were left in shock after the socialite shared what happened to him, tweeps are still in shock over it as it is usually something we see in the movies and we read about

In a tweet, a distraught Mohale shared his experience with his fans saying, “Last night someone tried to spike my drink TWICE, Thank God @uPeace_ was there and saw this guy. We didn’t even know what to do after we caught him because we were just in so much disbelief. People are weird!”

Tweeps have gone on his comment section to comfort him telling him it could have been worse and that they are happy that nothing happened to him.

However some who are all about conspiracy are saying that this was an act of sabotage and that someone is out to get him or destroy him some have already started pointing fingers at Somizi, I mean really…

Some have also expressed concern over what would have happened to Mohale if they had not seen the guy and have suggested that he get himself a body guard.