Tamia Mpisane has been in most news headlines since Andile Mpisane took to Instagram to announce their surprising marriage ceremony. Everything that this woman, who is the envy of many South African ladies, does has been deemed newsworthy. Mzansi had shown that they want to see more of the Royal AM chairperson’s wife when they started a petition for Tamia Mpisane to join the Real Housewives franchise.

Tamia Mpisane was born and bred in Capetown, where she resided most of her life. The Instagram influencer has shown that she is beautiful, but she is brains too as she is currently studying for a degree in Law at Varsity College. The 25year old is known for standing up for what she believes in as she protested against Cape Flats gang violence.

Tamia Mpisane-Image Source(Instagram)

A petition for the newly married law student to join Real Housewives has been started, and Mzansi seems to share different opinions on the issue. Some say that she should wait till the third season after settling into her marriage to join the franchise. However, some Tweeps are all for that idea as they say Tamia fits the calibre of the women cast in the show as she is married into a wealthy family.

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Tweeps react to petition for Tamia Mpisane to join Real Housewives of Durban

The second season of Real wives of Durban starts airing on the 28th of January, and filming my already be done. However, we wait to see what the show producers will say to the petition. In the meantime, Tamia is living her best life as she is enjoying her first months as a Mpisane. Her husband spoils her with a new job at Royal AM; she is not paying attention to the noise and gossip.

Tamia Mpisane, however, had her hustles which was earning her big bucks before she was married to Andile. She earned income through advertising for brands on social media. As an Instagram Influencer, Tamia had considerable followers, but the numbers erupted to 191 000 after her marriage to Andile was announced.


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