In the SABC 2 Venda series Muvhango, many things have been going wrong in many households. First, Rendani was tired of playing the victim and took matters into his own hands regarding Tshireletso. However, she seems not to be the only one that feels that the legal system has failed them as a masked man gives Tendamudzimu Mudau a taste of his own unlawful medicine.

When James’ mother reported the matter of Hulisani’s murder to the police, she expected to no longer live in fear of what Tenda might do to keep her mouth shut. However, when the man was granted bail, she went back to living watching over her shoulder. However, this only lasted a couple of hours as a guardian angel in the form of a masked vigilante abducted Tenda at his office parking lot.

Mpho had been worried that her husband had not come back from the office the previous night is surprised to see police officers in her house accusing Tenda of running away and breaking the conditions of his bail. Whilst they are still searching for Tenda in the house, Ndiwavho runs in and shows her the video of the vigilante’s live stream.

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A masked vigilante takes the law into his hands with Tenda’s trial

On the live stream, Tenda appears with his body bound and beaten as the unknown man walks viewers through how his virtual trial will work out. The vigilante says that it’s his court where the public gets to decide if Tenda is guilty or not. Depending on the people’s decision which voters will pass, the vigilante will decide on the punishment fit for Tenda.

Everyone is watching and invested in this trial that they have never seen before. However, people viewing are posting their opinions calling Tenda a murderer and voting for him to die for his crimes. In the Motsamai household, there are mixed feelings as they try to figure out if this is real or one of Tenda’s tricks. Will the police find out where Tenda is kept before it’s too late? Most importantly, who is this masked vigilante and will he stop his work with Tendamudzimu alone?

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