Andile Mpisane
Andile Mpisane

Shauwn Mkhize penned a statement regarding his son’s new marriage, Sithelo Shozi’s position in the family, the allegations that Sithelo has been kicked out of one of MamKhize’s apartments she influenced her son to wed Tamia Louw.

After the shocker that Andile Mpisane MamKhize’s son wedded Tamia Louw instead of the mother of his two children, Mzansi was divided but there was a demographic of people who blamed Dr. Shauwn Mkhize for her son’s decision to wed another women whilst hurting Sithelo in the process.

Some people alleged that she arranged Andile’s marriage. After the wedding, people started a rumour that Sithelo was so furious at Andile for marrying another woman she damaged the property she was living in. The damage was estimated to be worth R200 000, the rumour that went around also said MaMkhize gave Sithelo a months notice to leave the apartment.

MamKhize’s statement

MaMkhize clearly stated that she has an eternal bond with Sithelo because she mothered her two grandchildren. She also said Sithelo will not be sidelined in her home nor has she been kicked out from the apartment as people are speculating. She went on to say she regards Sithelo as a daughter regardless of her ties to the family. She also mentioned that she accepts her with all her flaws.

On Andile being in an arranged marriage, she told followers that Andile was an adult in love and capable of making his own decisions regarding his love life. MamKhize made it clear that she has no say in who he chooses to love.

All she can do is support his choices and help him as he learns life lessons in his journeys. Shawun said Sithelo Shozi and Andile have both moved on from their relationship and they will now co-parent their two children so they grow up feeling loved by both of their parents.

Shauwn Mkhize and Tamia Mpisane

On the statement she expressed her gratitude for having a daughter-in-law and said she wishes the two a fruitful marriage. MaMkhize and Tamia seem to have a very close relationship as they were seen dancing together on the day of the wedding.