Makhadzi and Master KG

Makhadzi and Master KG’s new hit ‘Kulakwe’ is closing in on Adele’s Easy On Me for #1 trending in the United Arab Emirates.

“Look at God, Opening a new Khadzinators in the United Arab Emirates,” said the Limpopo based AFRIMA award winner as she set eyes into the Top 10 trending in the United Arab Emirates alongside international artists hits like Adele’s Easy On Me and Ariana Grenade’s 34+35.

It only took Makhadzi ft Master KG’s hit song a week to hit number 12 trending in UAE, a reach which Makhadzi could not ignore as she posted on her Facebook page in joy.

“In a few hours, we are dropping your favourite song Kulakwe ft Master KG SA music, are you ready?” posted Makhadzi on her Instagram on the day of releasing the song. The world was not ready for the new hit, Kulakwe.

Makhadzi reaching the top from the ground

Makhadzi’s career started at 12, and she only wanted to sing. She claims many people were afraid of her talent and opted to sink her instead of lifting her. She said she loves singing despite facing many challenges earlier in her career.

Despite all her talent, Makhadzi benefited from her relationship with the famous Jerusalem hitmaker Master KG who played a critical role in making the trending hit ‘Kulakwe’. Despite facing ups and downs in their relationship, Master KG and Makhadzi are a few of the top young talents in the country.

Makhadzi fans reaction

This was great news to the Khadzinators as they received Makhadzi’s Facebook page. A fan referred to Makhadzi as ‘African Queen’ in a comment which said Good heart, and you deserve dignity and respect; I love your work; keep on rocking, I wish you all the best never give up, you are the best God bless you #africanqueenmakhadzi ♥️.”

Another comment posted said, God is great, soon you guys will be performing there in Dubai, and it is just a matter of time, King and Queen. It is now clear that Master KG is King and Makhadzi the Queen among the fans (Khadzinators).