Madlala From Uzalo Biography

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Her real name is Ntombifuthi Dlamini and she is best know for her role as on .The actress went from being a cleaner to an endearing actress in one of the Most watched Mzansi drama series.

Ntombifuthi has the most inspiring story to tell about how she accidentally became an actress . Let’s looh at Ntombifuthi Dlamini Biography and get to know more about her in real life all about her in real life.

Ntombifuthi Dlamini Biography

Profile Summary

Date of Birth : 21st January 1985

Place of birth: KwaMashu, Durban, South Africa

Profession: Actress

Children: 2

Dlamini’s Career

Being famous for her role as Uzalo as Mrs Madala, she basically starts off  her career in acting as an extra on the soapie.

In 2014 she auditioned as an extra. She was just taking it light. Surprisingly, Dlamini did well during her audition, and this lead to her getting her role on Uzalo. “I audition and manage to impress the judges.”

From Uzalo Age

From Uzalo Age is 36 years old

Ntombifuthi Dlamini’s role on Uzalo

Her acting skills have always impressed the production team and she plays the role of a church board member. “I then get the role of Mam’ Madlala. “I’m grateful to the producers for giving me this opportunity.”

Ntombifuthi’s Children?

Yes,the Uzalo actress has children and she is indeed a loving mother to all of them. She is a mother of two kids , 22 and 11, is like chalk and cheese with Ntombifuthi. “I’m a very shy person but Mam’ is outspoken. I also dress differently and I’m not a keen churchgoer.”

Ntombifuthi Dlamini’s Salary

From earning little money as a clinic janitor, the actress is now earning a salary in the range of R15 000 – R25 000 per month on Uzalo.The money is able to sustain her and her family.

“My late sister’s kids live with me and the money I earn helps a lot to support us. I used to struggle before joining Uzalo but now life is better,” Ntombifuthi says.

Ntombifuthi Dlamini’s Car?

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