Sonia Mbele ‘Zola’ from Diep city

Sonia Mbele is the very definition of ‘Black don’t crack. Despite the bad things that she has suffered, she always finds a way back on her feet and be someone more significant than she was before. The expensive lifestyle of Sonia Mbele is a testament to that.

Born Sonia Nomthandazo Mbele, the actress is a seasoned performer in South Africa. Besides acting, she is also a producer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. The actress is multi-lingual as she speaks Xhosa, Zulu, Tswana, Sotho and English fluently.

At High School, she was a part of her School’s Theatre group, and that’s when she started acting. On Television, she is famously known for her role on Generations as Ntombi Khumalo. The character in Generations made her a household name in Mzansi, which came with many jobs for her. The actress landed a role in shows like Gold diggers, Imposter, iNumber Number, SoulCity, Yizo Yizo and Zero Tolerance, to mention a few. She also tried her hand in presenting and hosting as she hosted the SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards. Sonia was a judge on season 56 of the Miss South Africa beauty pageant.

Mbele’s marriage to Leslie Sedibe

The actress was married to the former CEO of SAFA in 2006 after dating him for a while. The marriage did not last forever as the two separated in 2014 due to unreconcilable differences. Leslie was said to have been jealousy of her on-screen romance with Menzi Ngubane. He later ordered her to quit the soapie, which she did. Sonia suffered depression and almost committed suicide due to how public and heartbreaking her divorce was. At one point, she suffered a stroke. However, the actress defeated depression and bounced back. She landed more TV roles after that, and currently, she is producing Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

Sonia Mbele’s expensive lifestyle

Sonia has maintained her youthful looks throughout the years. She has an Instagram account where she keeps serving fans with pictures of her gorgeous body and timeless beauty. The actress is no stranger to riding around behind the wheel of expensive cars, and she was once slammed on Instagram for answering her phone at a petrol station.

Trips across the world also mark her life. She lived in Hollywood for some time and usually took trips to exotic places around South Africa. She claims that she now has a civil relationship with her ex-husband after not talking to each other for years after the divorce. However, we can all agree that the actress is doing better for herself and her children.