Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau is fuming after people alleged that her teenage daughter is expecting a child at such a young age. She went to her social media platforms and spat fire at the people who started these rumours and perpetuated them. She emphasized how disgusting it is for grown adults to be discussing a child in this manner.

How the pregnancy rumours started

Khanyi Mbau is the half-sister to the famous YouTuber and socialite LaSizwe Dambuza. The two stars have the same father. Lasizwe and Khanyi Mbau have a very close relationship together and with their other siblings; this relationship was broadcasted to the public during the airing of LaSizwe’s reality show. Their family prioritises family time and gatherings.

On one of their most recent gatherings, LaSizwe shared an innocent video of Khanyi Mbau’s daughter Khanyukani which raised a few eyebrows when a tik toker with the handle @bigmmam9410 posted a video starting Khanyukani’s pregnancy rumours.

Numerous blogs caught on to the story and made it sound like the teenage girl was pregnant. They also made snide remarks about children born in the 2000s having no self-respect over themselves and their bodies.

Khanyi Mbau’s response to the allegations

Khanyi first spoke about how she got used to rumours about her and cyberbullying. This is something she’s had to endure for over 18 years, and ridiculing Khanyi has been a way to generate an income for some. Khanyi then spoke about how Khanyukani is just a child and how sickening it is for the adults in our society to gossip about a rumour about a child instead of protecting them. She also attributed child rape and trafficking to be enormous in South Africa because of how easily sexualized children are. She confirmed that her daughter is not pregnant and will fight whoever bullies her.

Teenage pregnancy in South Africa

Teenage pregnancy in the country has been a problem since the 1980s. In 2020, pregnant teenage girls grew by a massive 60%. In 2020 it was reposted that there were 33 000 new teenage mothers in the country.