Joe Kazadi
Joe Kazadi

Joe Kazadi is a ladies-favourite; he is famous for his toned body that got him named one of the sexiest men in Mzansi. Joe Kazadi, who starred as ‘Thabiso’ from The Queen, joins Scandal on etv.

The actor and model was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His family moved to Durban when he was only nine years old. When Joe turned 18, he started working as a chef at a restaurant. A co-worker at that restaurant suggested that he try modelling since his body was that of a model.

When he thought it through and realized that there was nothing to lose, Joe joined the profession. Joe then moved to Johannesburg to grow his modelling career. This was only after the restaurant he worked for fired him.

Joe Kazadi borrowed money from a friend to travel to Joburg. The money he got was not enough, and he had to beg a bus driver and travelled in the trailer with the luggage. On getting to Joburg, he lived in an abandoned building that was full of rats. This experience shaped him into a person who is numb to fear and very strong.

Joe Kazadi joins etv soapie, Scandal.

Kazadi has made appearances on Uzalo, The Queen, Intersexions, Generations, and Jacob’s cross. In Uzalo, he had the role of Mr Phillippe, a businessman. The role as Thabiso in The Queen made him one of the most hated villains on TV.

He portrayed a man who raped his girlfriend after she refused to marry him. The actor, a single father to a little girl, used that role to raise awareness of rape cases. After his position on the Ferguson films telenovela, he joined Isono as Bhekumuso.

Joe Kazadi has bagged a role in Scandal. The part he will be portraying is yet to be announced, but fans have already started speculating as this news is met with a lot of joy, especially from the ladies.