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Fistful of Vengeance started streaming on Netflix on the 17th of February 2022. It has been ranking the highest in America on Netflix and other countries. South African actress Pearl Thusi who stars in the movie has had fans congratulate her on the perfect execution of the role.

International recognition is coming her way from many players in the industry. What has been the most touching so far is getting a shout out from .

shared a video of giving her a shout out on her Twitter account. The American actress and rapper sent a video to the South African star saying:

wassup this is Queen Latifah I just wanted to give you a shoutout and let you know sister you are strong you are bad, you know I’m watching you I’m watching you do your thing, you keep doing your thing and one day maybe we get to do something together. That will be hot

The South African actress said she received the video when she was in a club in Dubai and was moved to tears. Getting a shout out from one of the most famous international actresses in the world is a big deal for most local stars. However, has had a couple of opportunities to showcase her talent on the international platform.

Pearl Thusi-Image Source(Instagram/Pearl Thusi)
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Who is Queen Latifah?

Dana Elaine Owens professionally known as Queen Latifah is an American actress, rapper and singer. She has been acting since 1989 and has made history quite a number of times. She is the first female rapper who received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Queen was also the first to be nominated for an Oscar. Apart from that, she has six Grammy nominations under her belt, A Golden Globe and other awards too many to mention.

In her acting career, Queen Latifah is known for her roles in Girls Trip, Hair spray, Just Wright, Joyful Noise, Taxi, etc. Queen has been in over sixty movie productions and countless television appearances and shows. She also doubles up as a producer and is the Executive producer of Scream: Resurrection.

Pearl Thusi’s International roles and Netflix

In a Twitter post, Pearl Thusi talked about how people made fun of her when Queen Sono was cancelled. She has been a recipient of a lot of hate from her fellow South Africans but somehow finds a way to rise above it and shut her haters up. She made history in the second season of Quantico as Dayana Mampasi. Now she has made history on fistful of Vengeance playing Agent Zama Zulu. In her own words the action star has said:

It’s so nice to be me today. ☺️