It’s certainly never too late. DJ, producer and entrepreneur Oskido, real name Oscar Sibonginkosi Mdlongwa has enrolled as a Project Management student at the University of Pretoria. The veteran musical powerhouse turns 55 this year. He has proved that age is just a number and that all things are better done later than never.

Announcement of the news

Oskido took to Twitter to announce the news. He did it unexpectedly. He posted an image of himself inside a lecture room with his classmates. His picture looks like that of University flyers; him smiling for the camera holding his textbook and his classmates behind him.

Project Management course

His course in Project Management takes five months to complete, with a compulsory one week of contact classes every month from 08:00 to 17:00. Education is costly in South Africa; the total fees of the programme are precisely R46,373.25 per student. On this amount, everything from books, classes and meals is covered. There is an alternative way of doing the course by attending classes on weekends or doing the entire course virtually.

Fans cheered Oskido on

Fans expressed how going back to school was so inspirational. Most Mzansi celebrities young children look up to aren’t educated and don’t prioritize it. Children who look up to Oskido will remember how he went to get himself an education, despite being wealthy. He owns a record label restaurant and has successful artists under him. He doesn’t need the course, but he is getting it anyway!

Enquiries about the course

Many people asked him about how to enrol how much it costs too. Oskido’s fans were surprised as they were also registered for the same course, some with contact learning and some with online learning. Since there was an influx of people interested in the course, some suggested schools that offered it at a lesser price.

Importance of education in Mzansi

Since tertiary education is so expensive, not everybody can study. Fortunately, most South Africans are literate. Seeing an influx on Oskido’s comment section proved that people desire to learn, but there is just no means.