In Pictures, Uzalo cast members’ outfits at the Bhebhe distillery launch impress Mzansi fashion enthusiasts.

Its fashion galore on Uzalo at the official launch of Bhebhe Distillery, the highly attended event was turned into a fashion show and impressed Mzansi fashion enthusiasts. While Sbonelo and partners were beaming with confidence and courting attention, Pastor Gwala planned for their downfall behind the scenes.

Exquisite outfits headlined the event before it was spoiled by the Nomzamo case, which courted the attention of attendees.

Who wore what at the Bhebhe distillery launch?


Sbonelo at Bhebhe distillery launch: Image Credit @Instagram

The brains behind the distillery and its major shareholder Sbonelo was the man of the day and dressed like one. Donned a blue and gold jacket with black pants, the golden boy was dressed to impress; his outfit matched this title as the CEO of Bhebhe distillery. All was working according to the plan, from the red carpet interview to the podium brief speech before he got interrupted with his brother Pastor Gwala. The latter delivered Nomzamo news and caused a commotion.


The outspoken Sbu, clad in a black and silver suit, with accessories around his neck and fingers like a hungry hyena, was waiting for the perfect moment to steal the show. Having struggled to respond to Nomzamo question on the red carpet, Sbu seemed unsettled. He had his moment after Pastor Gwala’s punches left him on the floor.

Sbu at Bhebhe Distillery Launch
Sbu at Bhebhe Distillery Launch: Image Credit @Instagram


The only female Bhebhe distillery shareholder, Nonka rocked with the big boys on the launch day; she wore an inspiring lemon dress, which blended with Sbonelo’s golden blazer on the red carpet. Beaming with hope and inspiration, Nonka was indifferent on her biggest occasion. Nomzamo’s thoughts took over her thoughts and spoiled her mood.


Buoyant in Valentine’s mood, Nosipho decided to bury her Njeza scars and donned a Valentine-themed red dress which exposes cleavage. Nosipho’s dress drew compliments from Mzansi fashion police officers.

“Nosipho is still in Valentine’s mood; sis dressed to kill, the dress was tailor-made for her curvy body”- Instagram user.

Nkunzi and Gabisile

Gabisile: Image Credit @Instagram

Proud parents Nkunzi and Gabisile were decent on their son’s most important day; the pair showed solidarity with Sbonelo and dressed for the occasion.

Nkunzi: Image Credit @Instagram

Nkunzi wore a sky blue suit while Gabisile donned a black top and black and yellow log skirt; she couldn’t keep her smile as congratulatory messages rained.