Sthandwa Nzuza
Sthandwa Nzuza

If someone knows how to enjoy and celebrate her successes, it’s this Durban Gen Actress. Sthandwa Nzuza’s Instagram is well decorated with pictures of her fancy lifestyle. Let’s look in detail at the expensive lifestyle of Sthandwa Nzuza, who is Dr Mkhize in Durban Gen.

Sthandwa Nzuza is making it in the acting industry. The actress started in the entertainment industry as a radio personality, and she is a graduate of Dramatic Arts. Her first gig was as a Disc Jockey on Ukhozi FM for ten years. Her first role on Television was on Ifalakhe in 2019 on Mzansi Magic. She played an evil villain in that series. She landed supporting roles on Uzalo and eHostela. Currently, she is slaying the part of Dr Zandile Mkhize on Durban Gen.

She is getting paid partnerships with brands like every other star. And with her acting career doing so well, so is the money coming in as well. The life of Sthandwa Nzuza is filled with holidays and bookings into five-star hotels where she stays in presidential suites. Sthandwa makes it a mission to enjoy and show off her lifestyle.

Take a look at the expensive lifestyle of Sthandwa Nzuza.

The Durban Gen actress is also no stranger to driving expensive cars. Last month she made headlines after she went and bought herself an expensive Mercedes Benz. She bought herself an AGM class Benz which she showed off on her Instagram. The car cost over half a million rands.

The actress recently separated from her husband, who is a pastor in Durban. She moved out of the house because she had suffered abuse at the hands of her husband. After that, information on where she currently lives has not yet come to the public’s knowledge. The actress’ net worth is estimated to be $200 000 with most of her earnings coming in from her acting jobs.