Sizwe Dhlomo Unathi Nkayi
Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi Nkayi

News broke out on Wednesday that Kaya 959 had dismissed Unathi Nkayi from her duties as the presenter of Midday joy. After the gossip mill had investigated the issue and heard that she was let go because of false abuse allegations that she had made. Her former workmate Sizwe Dhlomo takes to Twitter to address Unathi Nkayi’s false abuse allegations.

Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi Nkayi seemed to be very close in their working relationship. He even says that they were friends and that Unathi was the one who helped him get a job at that radio station. He was very grateful that she gave his number to the radio HR team that subsequently earned him the position.

Their dispute started when Unathi allegedly reported that Sizwe was always late for their handover. Sizwe’s show Afternoon Drive with Sizwe comes after Unathi’s Midday Joy, and so if he arrived late, Unathi’s time slot would overlap into his. Sizwe claims that these allegations were false.

Sizwe’s response to Unathi’s false allegations in Tweets

Unathi shared with a mutual friend of the two that Sizwe was always late, arrogant and rude, so Dlomo reported her for reputational damage to the management. The last straw was when Nkayi argued with Sizwe after her show, saying he was late again for their handover. She went to HR crying and saying that Sizwe was aggressive with her and even dropped the f-word in their argument.

HR called Sizwe to hear his side of the story. Luckily for him, the microphones were on when their argument took place. So there was a recording of their argument, which wasn’t aligned with Unathi’s alleged chain of events. This led to her disciplinary hearing and, subsequently, her dismissal.

Sizwe Dlomo has taken to Twitter this morning to address that issue in several tweets. He addressed the maliciousness a false abuse claim has on those that it is levelled against. The Radio station would probably have fired him had there been no recording. Fans are sympathising with him and telling him to keep the faith. Unathi is yet to address her side of the story.