Lindah Majola
Lindah Majola

Without any acting qualifications, this actor has reinforced himself into the acting industry with a role in a show that earned a most-watched position on Showmax on its first three episodes. The viral TikTok content creator Langa Dladla from The Wife is a professional chef in real life.

In 2020 Lindah Majola first started posting content on TikTok when the lockdown began last year. People discovered and appreciated his skills, and he started posting his videos on Instagram.

The more people shared his hilarious clips all over social media; the more people noted that he had a gift for acting. Lindah decided to try out acting as a career, which led him to audition for the role of Langa on The Wife. After several months, he got a callback and was told he had landed the role.

Langa is a twin brother to Hlomu, whose character is the title inspiration. He is very outspoken and likes partying and living a soft life. However, he is also broke and gets help from his sister sometimes. Langa has to try and find his place in the new life his sister has landed herself in because of love.

He has to deal with the homophobic Zulu brothers who will be his in-laws. He is not the type to get people to like him as he shows who he is unapologetically and doesn’t care if people like him or not.

Linda Majola owns a food truck in Durban.

Lindah Majola ‘Langa Dladla’ from The Wife is a professional chef in real life, however. The actor who grew up in Durban studied Catering Management at the Durban University of Technology. He graduated Cum Laude with his National Diploma.

He established his food truck near his place in Bonela in Durban. The food truck specializes in American style fast food, and they are best known for their Chicken cheesesteak.

He worked at Hilton Hotel for some time before he opened his Humble cafe. He has dreams of opening a restaurant one day and broadening his customer base.